SST Wins Two Awards in “2020 China Telecommunication Industry List”

Shanghai Symphony Telecommunications Co., Ltd. (SST) won 2 awards in the recently published “2020 China Telecommunication Industry List” for its widely acknowledged products, technologies and services. Besides the title “2019-2020 Best One-Stop China Telecommunication Solution Provider”, it also ranked No.58 among the "Top 100 Telecommunication Equipment & Technology Service Providers in China", 4 places higher than last year. So far, SST has received 6 related awards in the “China Telecommunication Industry List”.

2019-2020 Best One-Stop China Telecommunication Solution Provider

The China Telecommunication Industry List, launched and operated by Communications Weekly and China Management Case-sharing Center, assesses regional telecommunication operators, telecommunication equipment and technology providers and mobile internet companies from different perspectives to select excellent enterprises as industrial benchmarks for the sustainable development of the whole industry. The list reflects the industry’s development ability. This year, it is themed “Capability and Innovation on New Infrastructure”, highlighting the new challenges that 5G has brought to network operators and service providers. Taking the bigger picture into consideration, SST has always put clients as a top priority, gaining accurate insights into market trends upon in-depth analysis, with an aim to develop state-of-the-art technologies and optimize services. In this era of pioneering and innovation, SST has made enormous efforts to improve products and services, and to upgrade technologies all the way. This also earned SST two awards in the communications industry list this time.

Top 100 Telecommunication Equipment & Technology Service Providers in China

After the storm, comes the rainbow. SST is to celebrate its 20th anniversary of founding. Rich expertise and strong competence naturally turn market challenges into opportunities. To cope with the market changes brought by Covid-19this year, SST delivered its signature services such as SD-WAN, NBE, and hybrid cloud to help customers embrace transformation. Moreover, a new business direction – collaborative communications has also been incubated this year to help customers with more accurate, efficient and safe network connections.

SST has earned an array of significant awards in the past few years, demonstrating remarkable brand influence. In the future, SST will stride forward with bigger ambitions and boldness for brilliance and success in the next 20 years!