SST Empowers Digital Transformation with Commitment to Core Technologies

2020 is a year beyond changes. Early this year when the COVID-19 broke out, the telecommunications industry dashed ahead into a battle against the pandemic, and then ushered in work and production resumption after the outbreak red alert was lifted. Today, the increasingly complex and tense Sino-US relations, together with the unfavorable international environment, is posing great obstacles and challenges to the telecom industry as a whole. Under the epidemic, home office has brought new development and opportunities to the telecom market. and after the outbreak red alert was lifted, China’s economy is showing rapid recovery...As one of the leaders in related industries, SST has real-time insight into market dynamics, updated its own technologies to market trends in an agile manner,  and honoring the principle of customer first, SST is committed to timely meeting customer needs with superior products and cutting-edge technologies, thus gradually demonstrating its profound strength to embrace digital transformation.

To cope with the market changes in the first half of the year, SST delivered its signature services such as SD-WAN, Cloud Connection and Hybrid Cloud to help customers with business growth and innovation along the path towards transformation. Thus we’ve summarized our excellent partnership cases during the period, as well as the product advantages of SD-WAN, Hybrid Cloud and Cloud Connection. While demonstrating the comprehensive capabilities of SST, it is also hoped to inspire the development and transformation of the industry.

Professional customization supports efficient operation

With the development of cloud computing, the market demands for WAN access are rising. It has become a popular trend for companies to move applications to the cloud. For the purpose of remoting data interaction and access, a company needs to build private networks to connect its branches to a data center or a cloud platform.

As the operator who promoted SD-WAN technology and solutions earlier in China, SST boasts profound experience in this profession. With a number of successful cases in terms of technology, capabilities, and customer services, SST is able to meet the networking needs of enterprises in various aspects. Taking an insurance company as an example, with the expansion of network branches and real-time applications, it has higher requirements for the quality of information transmission between nodes. Only fast, flexible and safe network application services can support its stronger growth, which is also the focus of its industry customers. Leveraging its advanced technology and customization services, SST managed to transmit all traffic and access cloud applications based on the existing infrastructure, and optimized access and link performance to maximize benefits. The solution not only made the Internet connection more stable and leased lines less expensive, but also met the requirement of instant and real-time application. As for the management of all the customer's network branches, SST has also provided an effective monitoring platform via SD-WAN technology, resulting in greatly strengthened network management and more efficient and convenient O&M. Also, we assisted the customer in enabling security management, area identification and other functions for branch sites to improve overall network security. On the whole, SST utilized SD-WAN technology to support customer’s information upgrades and digital transformation, thereby providing basic guarantee for the operation of the client company and injects impetus into the business development of the enterprise. This case also serves as a reference for network optimization for other customers in the industry.

Besides, for different customers and scenarios, SST offers tailor-made solutions as required, making SD-WAN technology applicable to other sectors such as manufacturing and luxury.

Advantageous services ensure safe operation

Judging from our experience in closely working with customers for years, as well as our thorough understanding of customer needs, Hybrid Cloud, as the third cloud form featuring "public-private integration", is mostly welcomed by enterprises seeking digital transformation. For example, SST has designed a Hybrid Cloud architecture for a world-renowned communications group. With full consideration of cost and security, we delivered to the customer efficient and secure private cloud services, so that it could share confidential products and applications internally. The customer’s high requirements for security review and disaster recovery were also properly met by SST.

By integrating traditional network services and IT services, i.e., telecommunications services and network services, SST not only helped the customer connect to multiple public clouds, but also migrated its applications to different clouds for entrusted operation management. For example, SST built up an Cloud Connection line for a global leading human resources service company to meet its requirements for efficient and stable data transmission from DC to AWS, and enable the connection to multiple public clouds. As required by clients’ business operation, SST is able to provide one-stop services from planning, execution, to data management, as well as migration to cloud services.

Security and innovation champion sustainable operation

For most enterprises, flexible networking options, application scenarios, and network connection methods bring higher requirements for network security. As a provider of telecom services, SST highly values network security. Thus it has been building a service system named edge to edge security system, that is, from the edge of the network to the edge of the user. Through this system and technological empowerment, it is expected to provide customers with more stable and secure network services. In addition, to better meet security requirements, SST also opened up a new business direction this year – Collaborative Communications. The COVID-19 outbreak in the beginning of the year made many companies choose to work from home, which raises new demands for the communication between employees, as well as between employees and customers or suppliers. In response, SST has introduced corresponding products to help companies with more accurate, efficient and safe network connections.

For the entire telecom industry, 2020 is a year mixed with challenges and opportunities. We were challenged by the pandemic, but also ushered in an environment encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship. As existing businesses are developing steadily and robustly, SST has also embarked on the road of digital transformation. With dual focus on technologies and services, we strive to stay at the frontier of science and technology development, and advance from the traditional communication network sector to the integration with IT services. SST put dedicated efforts to innovative industries and innovative technologies, so as to pave an undisturbed way for the future innovative development of the Company.

The year of 2020, as the beginning of a new decade, is not as smooth as expected. Looking back upon our footprints over the past 20 years, we see connection as SST’s mission and safety as SST’s commitment. In the future, SST is determined to forge ahead to its best, and keep providing customers with solutions that are more efficient and aligned with new trends.

Keeping abreast of future trends, SST is ready to embrace the next two decades full of challenges and opportunities!