"New Era, New Opportunities"--SST Wins the Title of "2018-2019 Most Innovative Company in Integrated Telecommunication in China’s Telecommunication Industry"

The 4-day PT Expo China 2019, hosted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, was recently held in Beijing. Themed “Integrating 5G, for a smart and connected world”, the Expo brought together the leaders of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and operators as well as the experts and entrepreneurs in the telecommunication industry to discuss the commercial pattern and technological innovation of the industry and market, analyze the innovation and development trend of the telecommunication industry in the 5G era, and share the wisdom of industry experts and business leaders, so as to provide decision-making support and business judgment for the development of the telecommunication industry.

On the first day of the PT Expo China, the “2019 China Telecommunication Industry List” and “List of 2019 Top 100 Telecommunication Equipment & Technology Service Providers in China” were successively revealed. Relying on its technological innovation, Shanghai Symphony Telecommunications Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “SST”) won the title of “2018-2019 Most Innovative Company in Integrated Telecommunication in China’s Telecommunication Industry” and ranked the 62nd in “Top 100 Telecommunication Equipment & Technology Service Providers in China”. This is a powerful demonstration and recognition of SST’s exploration and innovation in the aspects of technology, business and management in the telecommunication industry.

Enhancing Comprehensive Strength and Grasping Development Opportunities

As the first Sino-foreign joint venture telecom company in China, SST has always been the pioneer of the industry. From the launch of the first global product to the title of “Most Influential Professional Service Organization” and then to one of the first batch of official members of China Cross-border Data Telecommunications Industry Alliance (CDTIA), after 19 years of exploration and development, SST still keeps moving forward, always sticks to the technological exploration and innovation, the diversified development of products and the improvement of an one-stop service system, and continuously improves our comprehensive strength, so as to embrace new opportunities and challenges in a better position.

Seizing Market Opportunities and Sticking to Diversified Product Innovation

On the basis of our close attention to and deep insight into the overall situation of the industry as well as our solid strength in the industry and forward-looking strategic vision, SST carries out continuous innovation of diversified products and creates smart data centers and enterprise cloud platforms, in order to provide users with the products and services that adopt cutting-edge technologies and meet the demands of the communication industry.

In the future, SST will constantly enhance our strength, keep up with the industry trend, upgrade our products and services, carry out technological breakthrough and innovation, persistently develop the market and seize the opportunity to open a new chapter in SST’s development history.