Optimized Solution Over Internet
SST Client Success Case

Client Description

A well-known international petrochemicals manufacturer headquartered in Saudi Arabia. Its manufacturing facilities are located around the world, including the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific, covering chemicals, general-purpose and high-performance plastics, agricultural nutrients and steel.


The client using McAfee Proxy's security services needs to perform security screening through McAfee Proxy when accessing websites and applications (such as Office365).
Since the server addresses of McAfee Proxy are located in Hong Kong and Singapore, the client access experience is unsatisfied.


SST proposes the client device access solution, accelerating the traffic through the points of presence (POP) to access overseas McAfee services, thus solving the problem of poor access quality.


With no longer lagging to McAfee servers, the quality of Office365 access is significantly improved.
As a responsive one-stop service provider, SST works on pursuing the client's effortless access to the Internet.