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SST Client Success Case

Client Description

A well-known manufacturing group that has been established for nearly 100 years, has developed into a world-renowned manufacturer of automation control and electronic equipment through continuous creation of new social needs, and has mastered the world-leading core technology of sensing and control.


With the expansion of business, the client pays more attention to the connectivity, reliability, and security of the physical link of the related business and needs to optimize the existing deployment plan for the connection to AWS.
The current connection between our client and AWS is a single interface, which is likely to cause a single point of failure (SPOF) and needs to be solved urgently.


Through technical communication and discussion for many times, SST provides our client with corresponding solution and architecture design, helps our client to realize dual redundant connection structure, and guarantees our client's requirements for business security and reliability.


With the advantages of SST’s own platform resources and rich project experience, we help our client to solve relevant pain points successfully and realize smooth migration for our client through rapid deployment without affecting the normal business.